• Bandag Tyre Management Information

    Bandag complements its product offerings with a combination of Programmes, Services, and Information.

Bandag SA has developed tyre management systems focused on optimum return on tyre investment. These systems provide an array of tyre management information, which ensure accurate measurement and proper evaluation of the tyre maintenance procedures implemented by Bandag and its franchisees.  With continuous investment in technology, Bandag’s data collection and reporting process is streamlined which has afforded the company the opportunity to turn data into information and then into intelligence.

core systems on offer from Bandag are:

ProMobi – Electronic Tyre Inspections
ProOosta – Scrap Tyre Analysis
ProTurbo – Fleet Tyre Inspection
ProWheel – Tyre Asset Tracking

Bandag’s system is located online which facilitates a central collection point as well as ease of access for Bandag, its franchise Network and its Fleet Customers.  Access to the system is customised and secure to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

Core System Reports:


  • Tyre Pressure Analysis
  • Tread Depth Analysis
  • Urgent Attention Reporting


  • Reasons for Tyre Failure Analysis
  • Retreadability Analysis by Tyre Brand and Tyre Size


  • Tyre Location Reporting
  • Tyre Matching Analysis
  • Rubber on the Road Analysis

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